Fimera team

  • Основателите на Фимера

    Fimera founders


    Maya Kostova, Ivan Grozdev and Valeri Marinov met at the University of Forestry (UF), Sofia, and 8 years later founded Fimera Design. Along the road they have played an active role in creating and developing the Bulgarian professional community. More than anything, they believe they can help change their environment and make life better, or at least more beautiful. Design is not their job, it is their driving force. Together they make the perfect mix of water, earth and fire. Details coming up.

    PHONE +359 2 873 85 08


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  • Мая Костова

    Maya Kostova

    concentration, balance, tight deadlines.
    Education: Interior and Furniture Design, UF, Sofia.
    Key influences: Scandinavian and post-World War II American design.
    Personal style: Clean lines without excessive details and ornaments, just a few colors and materials. Not pure minimalism though – it is too raw and sterile.
    Dream space: An attic. Cardborad and paper scattered everywhere, a book shelf, a few king-size pillows on a thick carpet, and a piano.
    What else: Dreams of the day when people start caring about designing the space between their apartment buildings and other challenges of that kind.

    +359 888 91 20 70


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  • Валери Маринов

    Valeri Marinov

    concept, detail, provocation.
    Education: Interior Architecture, Etropole; Furniture Production, UF, Sofia.
    Key influences: Lievore Altherr Molina, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Mark Newson, Alberto Meda, Marcel Wanders, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The old workshop.
    Personal style: Moderate minimalism.
    Dream space: A loft on the Thames. Bricks, wood, and worn-out slabstone . Plus a spacious white house with minimum furniture and a grand Japanese garden.
    What else: Believes it is high time that the Bulgarian industry started to trust and invest in innovative ideas. His one desire is to have the opportunity to design products, which will then be produced, sold and enjoyed by all.

    +359 888 90 20 70


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  • Иван Гроздев

    Ivan Grozdev


    functionality, healthy scepcticism, diplomacy.
    Education: Artistic Textile Design, School of Applied Arts, Smolyan. Interior and Furniture Design, UF, Sofia.
    Key influences: 50's and 60's Scandinavian and American design.
    Personal style: Total functionalist.
    Personal space: The sofa in front of the TV.
    What else: Wishes to install a basketball hoop in the yard of their next office. Charges his batteries by travelling far and wide. Would live in New York, if only it were not in the USA.

    +359 888 992 784


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