• Interior design

    Interior design

    Interior design may be a long, emotional and totally inspring process. Or it may be a short walk along the well-trodden paths. We'll always go for the former. We want to burn with your fever, we want to lose sleep together with you. We argue a lot, think and re-think even more, talk over and over until we reach the high point where your feelings and ideas connect with our vision in a complete, compelling and unique design. We are experienced in designing both private homes and public buildings, bars and cafes, commercial stores, offices, hotels. We'd love to be challenged.

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  • Product design

    Product design

    Product design may be just what it says-design of products. Or it may be an experimental platform for new ideas and an all-embracing vision of the future. The latter is what we believe in. Nothing inspires us more than the possibility to enter uncharted territories and enjoy a free ride of the imagination. We like to think of product design as ideas design and a philosophy for life.

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  • Project management

    Project Management

    Our job may be over the minute we hand in all blueprints and drawings, or we can stay on the site until the very last detail fits in to place. We'll always prefer the latter. We cherish the end result as much as you do and believe that one of the most important factors for successful implementation of the project is its professional management. We engage in and supervise all stages of the work process. We demand quality and accurate implementation of our ideas. We won't settle for anything less.

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  • Building management


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