About Fimera/ Philosophy

Function. Good design is functional. It emerges from the needs and lifestyle of the client. That is why we start by asking questions (about anything and everything!) and we listen carefully. We think of the future as we design for the present. Above all we think of the people who will inhabit, use and want to feel good in their space.

Feeling. Good design is imaginative and must bear a strong identity. We search for unexpected and unusual details, in order to provoke original, atypical design solutions. We strive to for-go all stereotypes, with the goal to achieving designs which will strike you immediately, at first glance.

Form. Good design is beautiful. The only rules,we never break, are the rules of aesthetics and harmony. But we really love to break the myth that beauty comes at a high price.

Finish. Good design is in the details. We do not tolerate any compromise with the quality of implementation. We insist on perfection and control the process down to the most minor detail.